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What Types of Trailer Brands do you service/repair?

Tanker Repair Division repairs all Tanker trailer brands including Tank Clinic, GRW, Hendred etc. Contact us today to enquire.

Does TRD work on Aviation Tankers?

Tanker Repair Division manufactures, repairs and maintains Aviation Tanker Trailers.

Does TRD offer Off-Site Degassing ?

No, degassing a tanker is a dangerous activity which is not conducted at the customers’ premises. All degassing activities are conducted on-site at Tanker Repair Division.

Does TRD do hotwork at the customer facility?

No, All welding and hot work activity is conducted at our approved facilities with the required safety measures to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly. 

Does TRD maintain motor vehicle tanks?

No, Tanker Repair Division does not repair smaller LDV tanks. We do, however, service and repair large vehicle side tanks.

Does TRD Repair Above Ground Tanks?

Tanker Repair Division can service and maintain any type of tank that can be delivered to our facility in Alrode. This includes Stationary / Self Standing Tanks

Is TRD an Accredited Facility?

Tanker Repair Division is a fully ISO Accredited facility according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001

How often do you need to do a Hydrostatic Pressure Test on a Fuel Tanker?

Hydrostatic Pressure tests should be conducted every 3 years on fuel tankers. Our Certificates are valid for 3 years from test date.

Does TRD offer emergency breakdown services?

Yes, TRD has a fleet of dedicated 24/7 breakdown vehicles to assist with all breakdown requirements country wide.

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