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TRD Survivor Challenge

TRD Survivor Challenge

It was the morning of Saturday, 12 September 2015, when the war cries of four teams roared through Rietvlei Zoo Farm.

Everyone was about to outsmart, outlaugh and outfun each other in Tanker Repair Division’s Survivor team building event.

After a few ice breakers the four teams competing for the title of Survivor were born:


  • The TRD Vikings
  • The Running Division
  • The Bucks Stars
  • The Destroyers

People were dodging balls and walking blindly, while others got soaked and literally fell over their own feet.

Some showed off their ball coordination skills whilst others proved their strengths in solving puzzles.

It was a day enjoyed by all and filled with running, ducking and diving but most of all laughing.

Each and every team worked together to be the strongest possible unit, but unfortunately there can only be one winner and at the end of the day, it was the TRD Vikings who conquered all and walked away victorious. 


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